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Season Switch: Switch out seasonal clothes. As you unpack summer clothing and stow away sweaters and coats, get rid of anything that’s more than one size too big or too small. “If you’ve gained weight, reward yourself with a new wardrobe when you meet your weight-loss goal”, Bock suggests. Group like items and store them in airtight clear plastic storage bins with specific labels, including sizes, especially for children’s clothing likely to be outgrown and handed down, advises Mary Pat Rick, professional organizer at Action Organizing Milwaukee. Save silica gel packets from the shoes and purses you buy and place them in the bins to absorb moisture. “A cool, dry location is ideal for storing,” Rick says. “If you have the luxury of an extra close, use that versus the basement or attic.”—   Mary Pat Rick is quoted in the Summer edition of  Homestyle Magazine “Organize your year”

A Milwaukee-area business owner has been selected to join the stable of professional organizers appearing in the new A&E reality television show “Hoarders.” With the show being picked up for a second season, Brenden McDaniel says he’s likely to make an appearance in a couple of episodes, which profiles the lives of people whose excess accumulation of “treasures” threatens their lifestyle. McDaniel, owner of Action Organizing Services LLC® in Glendale, enters the scene to help clean up people’s homes – and lives – a la “intervention”-style. He was featured in two episodes during the show’s first season, and his appearances have attracted interest in his services. Other than being a television “star,” McDaniel is also unique in one other way: He’s one of the few male organizers certified by national organizing associations. McDaniel is the only male organizer in A&E’s stable of organizers being tapped for “Hoarders.” – The Business Journal of Milwaukee

“Digging Out” – Milwaukee Magazine Article

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