Team Approach

Action Organizing Services has a team of professional organizers devoted to serving our clients unique needs. Organizing is a personal experience and clients work with caring, non-judgmental staff member that establish a one-on-one relationship with the client, in order to gain trust and rapport to a sensitive aspect of our client’s lives. AOS also has memberships to various trade associations that help us deliver additional value to our clients.

Having a Vision

Action Organizing Services LLC® is the result of Brenden McDaniel’s passion for organizing and his desire to assist others. Brenden and his staff has been successful in this profession by working along side clients and providing them with the necessary tools to effectively arrange space and efficiently manage time by using hands-on organizing techniques.


Brenden McDaniel
Brenden McDaniel
Brenden is the founder, owner and CEO of Action Organizing Services LLC®. He has been organizing for over ten years. Brenden founded this business out of the personal challenges he was faced with. His mother was a hoarder and Brenden spent much of his life trying to help her overcome the clutter in her home. Her hoarding helped him appreciate and learn to work with someone with chronic disorganization. Her disease caused her to take her own life and due to that, Brenden is dedicating his life to those who struggle with organizing. He has two sons who like to collect things and who are providing their dad with lots of opportunities and challenges to organize kid’s toys and collections. Brenden has extensive credentials:

  • Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization® CPO-CD® through ICD (Institution for Challenging Disorganization)
  • Hoarding Specialist (Institution for Challenging Disorganization)
  • Chronic Disorganization Specialist (Institution for Challenging Disorganization)
  • ADD Specialist (Institution for Challenging Disorganization)
  • Certificates from ICD (Certificates of Study) in:
    Chronic Disorganization
    Basic Mental Health Conditions and Challenges Affecting the CD Client
    Basic Physical Conditions and Challenges Affecting the CD Client
    Understanding the Needs of Elderly CD Client
    CD Client Administration
    Basic ADD with the CD Client
    Learning Styles and Modalities
    Understanding the Needs of the Student CD Client
    Basic Hoarding Issues with the CD Client
    Life Transitions
  • Certificates from eSMART (Senior Move Management organization):
    Senior Move Management Training: The Aging In Place
    Behind Closed Doors: Getting a Handle on Hoarding
    Working With Clients With Hearing Loss and Aphasia
    Guiding To Deciding
    Introduction To Senior Move Management
    Memory and Forgetting Part 1: What’s Normal and What’s Not
    Memory and Forgetting Part 2: Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
    Move Management 101
    The Senior Living Industry
    Kitchen: from Soup to Nuts
    Public Speaking
    The “Old Like Me” Aging Sensitivity Training
  • Former president of the National Association of Professional Organizers – Wisconsin Chapter.
  • Certified in Senior Move Management
  • National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) Ambassador to the Wisconsin Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO-WI)
  • Frequent speaker to local groups
  • Board Member of the Milwaukee St. Andrew’s Society and is the Entertainment and Banquet Director and currently pursuing a certificate in Celtic Studies at UWM
Linda Zwirlein – RN cSMMLinda Zwirlein Linda is an Action Organizer as well as a Registered Nurse who has worked in acute care settings, home care, and hospice; she also has extensive experience teaching nurses both in small and large groups. She grew up in a home where neatness and organization was valued, which happens to be consistent with her own personal preferences. She also brings a great deal of empathy and tolerance to our clients who feel overwhelmed by the vast amounts of clutter in their homes or lives.  She finds inspiration by working with them as they make the courageous decision to get help and change their old patterns of clutter.Certificated from  eSMART Senior Move Management Training

  • The Aging In Place Certificate
  • The Behind Closed Doors: Getting a Handle on Hoarding Certificate
  •  The Working With Clients With Hearing Loss and Aphasia Certificate
  • The Guiding To Deciding Certificate
  • The Introduction To Senior Move Management Certificate
  • The Memory and Forgetting Part 1: What’s Normal and What’s Not Certificate
  • The Memory and Forgetting Part 2: Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease Certificate
  • The Move Management 101 Certificate
Ann McCormick
Ann McCormick is a professional organizer who specializes in home organization and paper management. Ann loves to roll up her sleeves and work on a big project!

She loves to create order out of chaos and work with her clients to come up with the best long term daily workable solutions, for the big question, “Where do I put this stuff?” Ann enjoys making her clients’ lives simpler so that they can pursue their passions and enjoy their space. Although there are times when organizational tools need to be purchased, Ann loves to attempt to use what the client already has and save her clients the expense of fancy containers. Most importantly, Ann is dedicated to creating a comfortable working environment, putting her clients at ease, working side by side to help her clients make those tough decisions and determine what to keep and what to purge. She understands the emotional and psychological issues in dealing with clutter.

Ann earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and worked as a litigation paralegal in Chicago and Milwaukee before taking some time off to spend with her son and twin girls. Her volunteer experience in running school fundraisers and social events, leading Girl Scout troops and managing sports teams enabled her to continue to utilize her excellent organizational skills.

Ann lives with her husband and three children in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

Mary Crockatt
Mary started working for Action Organizing in 2014 and has enjoyed
using her natural organizing ability to help make a difference in
other people’s homes and lives. She also works as a stock room
associate in retail, and as Line Therapist for Wisconsin Early Autism
Project. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Science in Education from
Whitewater University in Wisconsin.She lives with her husband, Kyle
and her dog, Frodo in Milwaukee.
Teri WildauerTeri Teri honed her cleaning skills while working as a maid during college. As a teacher, her organizational skills were a definite asset to her daily routine and in providing structure to her students. As a mom to five, cleaning and organizing have been a necessary part of daily survival. Because of her love for all things clean and tidy, she looks forward to cleaning YOUR house and organizing YOUR stuff!
Jeremy McDaniel
Jeremy has been surrounded by organizers his whole life, as the son of owner Brenden McDaniel. Jeremy is attending Carthage College, but still help with clients on weekends and in Summer. He is involved in youth ministry and has a passion for music.